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For NISA & NIS Registered BREEDERS ONLY. NISA is now running the NISA registered breeder required background screenings through Choice Screening on all potential NI puppy adoptees on behalf of and as a membership benefit for our fabulous breeder members.

Background Screenings help our breeder's get some peace of mind by taking this additional step to protect their precious puppies from being sold to persons that have:

Animal welfare violations such as cruelty/abuse or neglect records,including Puppy Mill practices.

That have violent felonies, such as child abuse,aggravated assault, Homicides, sexual abuse of any kind, or people that have serious drug/alcohol related felonies. While this can not guarrantee a perfect home for the breeder's puppy, it does certainly help to filter those that are already known for their unsavoury acts and have been convicted who should never own a northern Inuit or any dog period!


Please ensure that you have filled out the Background Check Request Form located in the Breeder's Tab or at

Breeders can also email their screening request to info@northerninuitsocietyofamerica with the applicant's full name, email address and contact tel. Payment of $225 will need to have been made either by PayPal or can be paid directly over the phone by most major Credit Card to 719-661-0571


*Please be sure to take your applicant's application/processing fees of $375 upfront from them first, this amount will include an additional 'Good Will' fee of $150 which the Breeder retains in case of any unwarranted cancellation and can be used as a cancellation fee if the potential buyer decides to cancels and also so that you do not have to pay for this service directly out of your pocket.The $150 is usually taken off of total price of puppy at puppy pick up day as an incentive for the buyer.

Background Screening

  • In the cart, please select "add note" and include your breeder name with your contact details,   The name of the person(s) the background check is being ran on and their email address.  This is an additional precaution so that applicants and breeders do not get mixed up. 

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