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2022 NISA Calendar

Photo Contest

please submit 5 good quality photos of your Northern Inuit in a natural environment and off leash, no later than Sept 30th 2021 to us.

Previous Cover Page Winners


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We are still hopeful that we can get our 2021 calendar completed in time, however we still need photos of your fur babies to be turned in before its too late. The 2021 calendar is expected to be completed by the end of November in time for the holidays and will hopefully be available for sale in December time.We always need volunteers to help put this calendar together so if you are a NISA member with skills, and are interested in helping to get the 2021/22 calendar completed, please contact us by email:

We will still use the photo's from those that turned in their photo's on time along with any new photos submitted this year until October 30th. After which the competition will close until the following year.

All proceeds from these beautiful calendars will go towards organizing and planning the first Northern Inuit National Dog Show in the US. 


Hello Pack Members!! 

We are asking all our members to help us get the NISA Annual Calendar Contest going again, We have hopefully found another talented NISA member willing to put the calendar together so that we may have this competition where Northern Inuit owners can show off their beautiful Northern Inuits fur babies off our annual NISA Calendar with the winner having front cover benefit plus a free copy of the Calendar. The completed Calendar will be available for sale on our store page in time for the year end Holidays and make really nice gifts for Northern Inuit fans & for NISA members. 

Below are the past calendar winners.   Thanks to everyone that submitted a picture and if your dog didn’t make it this year, remember, there’s always next year!  Congratulations & thank you to all our past winners & participants.

December 2017: KaiKala Charming aka Bishop

January: Mountain Myst Aspen Glow aka Zeus 

February: Mountain Myst Juniper's Might aka Maximus and Kenosha Dream Catcher aka Bella Lupa

March: Mountain Myst Sunny Delight aka Ella Rose

April: Mountain Myst Grave Walker aka Kodiak

May: Mountain Myst Jack-o-Lantern aka Don Lobo

June: Mountain Myst Pine Shadow aka: Dublin and Mahlek One Rainy Wish aka London

July: KaiKala Moana aka Auri Leia    

August: KaiKala Maui aka Messi 

September: Mountain Myst Aphrodite aka Kaya   

October: Mountain Myst Larkspur's Sway aka Arya   

November: Mountain Myst Juniper's Might aka Maximus

December: KaiKala North Wind aka Midnight

January 2019: Mahlek The Wind Cries Mary aka Lilo


Honorable Mention Page

Mountain Myst Midsummer Knight aka Bruce 

Kaikala Mililani aka Mila 

Pawnee Mooncalf aka Nymeria 

Mountain Myst Wolf Moon aka Kai 

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