Pack Walks are not just for Coloradans Anymore!

Use the Pack Walk Planning Tool to find owners near you! Then email us for additional details. 

Step 1: Open the Google Earth file found here. The tool works best on the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Find your state and see who the closest owners are to you. NOTE: You will not be able to see anybody's address, or click on the dots. The tool is just to help you visualize if there is a Northern Inuit/Owner near you.  

Step 3: Email us at and ask for your Nit Wit neighbor's contact info.  You can just refer to them by city and state.

Step 4: We will contact your Nit Wit neighbor and ask them for permission to give you their contact info.

Step 5: Coordinate with each other and have a great time.  Don't forget to take pictures and send them back to us for future newsletters and website bragging rights!

Colorado Pack Walks

Coloradans are lucky to have so many Nit Wit neighbors and volunteers to do all the coordination, however, we encourage everyone to feel free to plan their own pack walks. Below are the 2018 Colorado Pack Walk Dates.  Locations will be determined a few weeks prior to the pack walks as we are trying to find another pack walk paradise.  Cancellations will be announced through a mass email to all members.  Non-members wishing to attend should contact us by email at  

2018 Colorado Summer Pack Walk Schedule

May 19th, 2018.....Location TBD

June 23rd, 2018....Location TBD

July 21st, 2018.....Location TBD

August: No Pack Walk due to Denver Pet Expo. Join us on Aug 18-19!!!

September 1st, 2018....Location TBD

Pack Walk Pictures

Thank you to all the members that submitted pictures.  Below is a mixture of all the best ones.  Enjoy.  

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