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Rescue and Rehoming

The Northern Inuit Society of America is proud to also be the official rescue organization for the Northern Inuit dog in the United States and Canada.  We are currently accepting foster and forever home applications. Ideally, we would like to have a foster home and a forever home available in each state or region in order to get the Northern Inuit re-homed as quickly as possible without the dog bonding to their foster family. 


To apply as a foster or forever home download the application/questionnaire below and return it to

Please note:

- A background check will be conducted on individuals who are willing to foster/adopt.

- Northern Inuits are a rare breed in the United States and Canada and their owners are thoroughly vetted prior to adoption. It is rare when one needs a new home.

- All Northern Inuits are registered through NIS or NISA and microchiped.  DO NOT be fooled by shelters or rescue organizations that claim a dog is a Northern Inuit.  Feel free to email us to confirm the pedigree of the dog prior to adopting. 

Feather was the first Northern Inuit rescue in the United States.

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