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  • Due to the increase of people that are out there deceiving the public regarding the Northern Inuit Dog, NISA has decided to put together a listing page of known Bad, Banned, Scammers, Puppy Mill breeders, Back Yard Breeders & money only minded breeders that are not registered with the Northern Inuit Society of America & Canada. 

  • If they are not registered with NISA or and /or with NIS in the UK there is a very high chance that the person claiming to breed Northern Inuit dogs are either scammers selling mix breed dogs that are not Pure bred registered dogs or not even Northern Inuits at all,  

  • These are Breeders that we warn you never to buy from. as they are either scam breeders selling mix bred or Northern Inuit look-alike puppies, and mostly puppies that do not have any Northern Inuit in them at all.

  • NISA asks those that are interested in adopting a true pure bred registered Northern Inuit, to research any breeder claiming to sell Northern Inuits.

Things you should do when researching  legitimate breeders are:


* Check this web site to see if they are listed as Registered Northern Inuit dog breeders or new upcoming Registered Northern Inuit breeders. If they are not listed you can send NISA an email to ask us for confirmation that the breeder you are researching is in fact a NISA breeder or not.​

*Check the 'Do not buy from list' to see if they are listed as such.

* What health tests have been done on the breeding dogs?


  • How long has the breeder been breeding Northern Inuits in the USA?

  •  Is the breeder registered with the Northern Inuit Society of America (NISA) which is the Governing body for the Northern Inuit dog in both the USA & Canada? 
    If not registered with NISA are they registered with the Northern Inuit Society (NIS) which is the founding governing body for this breed in the UK?


**After being notified about the previously posted statement on this page, and after checking it & reading it back, we would like to retract the previous statement and apologize to NIS. The previous statements posted on this page were carelessly worded, incorrectly placed and inadvertently posted before being looked over by mistake.

There was never any intention to upset, harm, isolate, insult or separate from the good close working relationship both kennel clubs have had & hopefully continues to have. We have edited and re-worded the topic to show what the primary focus is supposed to be about, which is to warn potential Northern Inuit puppy adoptees,  including  both NIS & NISA registered breeders not to adopt or sell to those shown below.**


NISA will always take responsibility for any proven written error, mis-worded statement or editing mistake that we may have made & try to correct it.


In order to try to protect good people and the Northern Inuit breed standard NISA has decided to list known bad breeders, Negligent breeders, Rogue back yard breeders, Puppy mill breeders and scammer/con artist  breeders in order to keep potential adoptees informed, warned and hopefully able to tell the difference. 

Money should never be the primary motive or reason to breed any dog but we have found this more & more so since the popularity of the 'Game of Thrones' award winning TV series where the Northern Inuit dog was used to play the 'Dire Wolves in the first season of the show and were later digitally enhanced to appear much larger than what they really are for the show, and later from the success of 'Outlander' another TV series that used Northern Inuits to play a main animal character 'Rolo'.

A new breed of fan emerged from the these successful  TV series with many wanting a 'Dire Wolf' dog of their own. Many Husky dog & Husky/ Malamute mixed bred dogs were purchased to fulfill this desire by many of the initial fans and many of these dogs bought were later abandoned & given to shelters because these dogs were not wolfy enough or were too energetic, hyperactive, or did not have the right 'temperament' for the person to handle as with Huskies, but basically they were not the real deal Northern Inuits. Although this TV series has helped to make this breed very popular, the surge of fame has also brought out the unscrupulous, the puppy mill breeders and back yard breeders all trying to get in on the money making potential of this breed directly due to the shows popularity; these type of people do not give a fig about the breed itself or even about their own dogs really and most do not do all of the needed health tests etc. These unscrupulous, ignorant greedy people also do not care if this breed gets recognized or not by the major international all breed kennel clubs such as the AKC. Their plan is to take advantage of it's popularity mainly due to its Wolfy looks, & renowned laid back temperament. without putting in the work, time, heart aches, lost puppies, & sacrifices it has taken not just by the NISA breeders in recent years but also by the founder kennel club NIS breeders who were the first to bring this wonderful  breed to the Public's attention.

It is a kennel club and it's members duty to advocate for the club's chosen representing breed, and for it's breeders to protect and maintain the breed's standards while still striving to improve the breed, which helps to make it a unique breed in it's own right, very different from the foundation breeds used to create & develop it in the UK starting off in the early 1980's

NISA's aim has always been to mentor and guide its new registered breeders to the ethical way, to become the best registered breeders as possible that advocate for the protection of the breed & the breed's standard in looks and temperament

NISA also wants to protect customers or buyers who want to adopt healthy, registered pure bred Northern Inuit Puppies from being scammed, misled, or worse; due to this NISA has decided to list known breeders that have been found to be unscrupulous, rogue back yard breeders that have no idea what they are doing to the breed by breeding pet dogs that are not compatible, not having optimal desired traits for the breed or breeding dogs too closely related, breeding litters  from parent dogs that have not had the necessary OFA health & DNA tests done, breeding dogs that have dubious or unknown family lineage & those not been approved by NISA or NIS.

NISA's founders, inspired by the UK's NIS became a US version of the UK kennel club and although NIS & NISA, are both independent kennel clubs, they continue to share similarities, a friendship & work closely together like a sister kennel club, for the good of the breed in respect to accurate record keeping, sharing health data, sharing registration info of both kennel clubs regarding imported registered dogs & puppies coming into the USA, with both kennel clubs honoring each other's one year's free membership benefit and discussing ways to better improve the breed and bloodlines for the breed and its future.

There are many Scammer breeders that intentionally mislead the buyers into thinking that they have real pure bred Northern Inuits when in actual fact the offspring are a mix bred puppy with possibly one Northern Inuit parent but many have no Northern Inuit in them at all and are often commonly  referred to as 'mutts'; these scammers who claim that they are full bred Northern Inuits and are charging the unsuspecting buyer the same prices or more than legitimate NISA & NIS registered breeders do for the real McCoy. For this reason NISA will only register imported Northern Inuit dogs/puppies that are or have been previously registered with NIS.

NISA has also a rescue program which will rescue & has rescued both NIS & NISA registered dogs from owners that have had to relinquished their dogs wether for significant breach of contract or for other reasons and will continue to do so at this time.

Below are some known unscrupulous, unethical backyard, puppy mill or scammer breeders that we would like to warn potential adoptees about.

Cascade Northern Inuits -Formally registered with NISA were found to be abusive/negligent breeders with money being prime motivator. NISA eventually rescued their 2 dogs & their NISA membership & affix was removed & they have been banned for life. They are also on the NISA breeder 'Do not sell to' list. This info is also shared with NIS & vice versa in the case of buyers NIS would not want us to sell our puppies to.



  • Iron Sword Northern Inuits is another former NISA registered breeder who started out as an upcoming new registered breeder who has not known this breed for very long at all & has signed the NISA  Code of Ethics Contract which does not allow the breeding of any registered Northern Inuit dog with a mixed bred dog of any kind which includes any out-crossings without NISA's approval and or permission. We have recently found out that this breeder is actively breeding and selling mix bred (non purebred Northern Inuit) puppies & charging unsuspecting customers a Pure bred Registered Northern Inuit Pricing. We believe that this is misleading potential customers by claiming them to be Northern Inuit puppiesIron Sword's breeder Jensen Pearson is mating or has mated an out-cross mixed wolf dog stud that has not been approved by NISA or even NIS in the UK with her registered Northern Inuit female dog and calling the offspring Northern Inuit puppies. The offspring of such a mating cannot legally be called Northern Inuits for several generations of breeding the offspring to Pure bred Northern Inuits which takes a few years. NISA is now considering taking legal action regarding this issue as this is seen as a blatant breach of contract and an attempt to sabotage NISA's goals. This breeder's actions hurts the integrity of the breed's standard & temperament and sets the breed back. At the minimum the breeder's actions are seen as  'without a care or concern to the years of hard work that NISA has done so far to preserve & protect the breed's standard, lineage and keeping accurate health records keeping, with the goal to get the Northern Inuit dog  breed recognized by the AKC & by following the AKC's foundation stock rules. We are very disappointed & saddened by these two breeder's greedy non caring unethical behaviors and feel that they have taken unfair advantage by mis-representing their intentions of becoming a NISA breeder member.




Sunny Hills Northern Inuits

  • We ask that potential US and Canadian adoptees contact, & utilize our US NISA breeders that are following the rules & regs. 


  • NISA is officially registered with both the State of Colorado & US Federal Government as a Non-profit organization, recognized as the official kennel club & governing body for the Northern Inuit dog here in the US & Canada. NISA does not govern NIS or vice verse however, NIS is recognized as the founding Northern Inuit kennel club in the UK and in Europe which NISA respectfully acknowledges and has been inspired by.

  • If you decide to adopt a Northern Inuit from the UK, please be sure to adopt a puppy or dog from a NIS registered breeder, if you are not sure please send us your email with your request & we can check for you if they are a NIS breeder or not; or if its someone from the many NIS breakaway groups that might be selling non pure bred dogs or out crosses that should not be called Northern Inuits until several generations have passed.

  • Lastly there are more people to add to this list which will be updated as soon as all the facts are in and their  information can be shown. We do not list anyone that had to give up their dogs due to health conditions or financial difficulties as these things can happen to the best of us.


This is an example of preventable animal neglect of Cascade's poor male Northern Inuit. NISA was able to rescue both dogs and the male's rear dew claws had to be surgically removed. Both dogs are doing really well now and the female who is almost 5yrs old, once she has been spaded will be up for adoption for a new forever home sometime this year. She is very people friendly, and gets on pretty well with male dogs but not so much with female dogs as she is an alpha type female dog. 

This Iron Sword's registered Northern Inuit female, however she was bred to a mix bred dog, we were told a Catalonian wolf-dog as an outcross and not to a pure bred registered Northern Inuit therefore her female's puppies, no matter how cute they are, are not Northern Inuits as advertised (note the yellow collared puppy has a large white patch on the back of its neck which Northern Inuits do not have & the large amount of white tipped tail. Most Northern Inuits have black tipped tails and an arrow point dark marking mid tail also. The puppy on the far left also appears different. NISA is considering taking legal action against this breeder as she is sabotaging the breed standard and has signed a Code of Ethics contract promising that she would not breed her NI with a non pure bred unregistered Northern Inuit. Worse still has that she is misleading the public by selling them at full NI price as Northern Inuits to unsuspecting adoptees.

Please be aware and beware of buying puppies from these type of scammers.

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