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American Registered Breeders

Mountain Myst Northern Inuits



Breeder: Sharon O'Garro

Location: Pueblo, Colorado

Phone: (719) 661-0571

We are in the process of adding a link extension Web site which is currently being developed, however it is not yet ready to be used, so please visit our regular main web site address shown above for now. The extension link web site will be:

KaiKala Northern Inuits


Breeder: Amanda Vestal

Location: Temecula, California

Phone: (951) 383-8172

Amanda is currently taking a long break from breeding, however we will post that she is active when she returns.

Amanda continues to be a valued NISA member & committee member.




Northern Inuits



Gemstone Northern Inuits



Breeder: Steve Hedges

Location: Virginia

This new registered Breeder is now active with

web site up and running.

Steve's Female Pearl just recently had a beautiful litter of 7; however, all are spoken for, so now is a good time to get on Gemstone's waitlist.


Squam River Northern Inuits


Breeders: Linda Barnes & Antonio 'Devon' Thibeault



Location:New Hampshire

Squam River Northern Inuits expect their handsome Male 'Buck'  to be ready to be put to stud around March of 2023. Buck's fabulous looks & charm has earned him  a Grand Champion Pedigree entitlement after he won several 1st place breeder level categories and then went on to take the prestiges title Best in Show at NISA's  first virtual dog show December 2021. 

Currently, Linda's & Devon's beautiful Stud dog is not yet of breeding age and has a couple of health tests to complete before they will be ready, however; their long expected female has been settling in quite nicely at their home and she will be added to their breeding program when she has completed all required health tests, she has already completed her DNA testing  and was given the desired results. 


New members wanting to become NISA Registered Breeders are most welcome. 

Our listed NISA Registered Northern Inuit Breeders only breed Pure 'Blue Blood' Northern Inuits using the AKC';s guidelines for Recognition, AKC mentorship, genetic guidance & education via full DNA testing, not by word of mouth, someones say so, or pedigrees which can often contain significant human errors or sadly as we have recently discovered, that some unscrupulous breeders with hidden agendas are manipulating their pedigrees in order to deceive the buyers into believing that they are buying full pure bred Northern Inuits when in actual fact they are purchasing mix bred dogs of dubious heritages & gene lineage & paying full pure bred prices for a 'Mutt' regardless of the reason.

We believe that breeders and their kennel clubs should be as transparent as possible to their buyers, because what many people do not understand is, you may get a beautiful looking dog that resembles a Northern Inuit but it may not have the temperament of one or may pass down to its offspring other unknown health issues or cause breed standard changes that are not desired traits in the Northern Inuit breed, carried from the Non- Northern Inuit's  DNA.

 Improvement & expansion of a limited gene pool is of course necessary, especially for a new foundation breed of dog and according to our geneticist expert & our AKC mentor it can take 30-50 years to build enough of a natural gene pool selection in order for outcrossing, backcrossing, & mix breeding with sub dogs or other breeds  to  not be necessary.  

Expanding and improving the breed should go hand in hand for the genetic health of the breed and for the maintenance & consistency of desired traits which include the look, temperament, gait, pre-disposition etc. in other words the breed's standard.


The Northern Inuit's wolf-like look & sweet goofy nature, non aggressive temperament and super high intelligence has been a main factor in its growing popularity even before the 'Game of Thrones' was even thought of; so the importance of maintaining, & protecting the breed standard with careful selective breeding is key; otherwise everyone who wanted a similar looking dog would just cross German Shepherds with Huskies & Malamutes willy nilly, (and some are already doing just that) getting cheap to buy look alike dogs with dubious temperaments and no consistent look or temperament which would never gain the respect or acceptance of any major international all Breed kennel clubs and make it hard for Kennel Clubs like ours who are genuinely trying to get this breed recognised.

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