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NISA Committee Open Positions


Regional Pack Walk Organizers Needed  
(Check out the regions where organizers are needed below)


Regional Pack walk Organizers are responsible for planning pack walks & inviting members. They are the point of contact for all members in their region and find locations appropriate for the pack walks or any other event that they would like to coordinate or attend.

Skills needed:

- Must have a positive personality with good leadership skills, Must be healthy enough to hike several miles, able to communicate with NISA members via emails, mobile and or by texting if needed.

- Must have some experience with organizing and /or planning events. 

- Must put safety of others first when planning walks, keeping in mind that not everyone taking part in the planned pack walk is an experienced hiker, include short length trail hikes as well as moderate length ones with a refreshment respite after or during the pack walk. 

- Must be punctual and attend all planned walks & events, weather permitting.

- Have motivational skills, able to inspire.

- Have a respect for nature, fellow NISA members, and others and of course have a love for hiking with your Northern Inuit dog & fellow Nit Wit owners. 

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please contact us through email at:

Regional Pack Walk Organizers are needed in the areas below where many Northern Inuit dog owners reside & live, who would love to take part in regularly scheduled Pack walks, and meeting  up with others that share the same passion & love for this breed.   


- Northern California

- Southern California, 

- Colorado Springs, Denver, & Pueblo areas of Colorado.

- Pacific NorthWest (WA and OR)

- New England Region

- DC/MD/ VA and the Carolinas

- Florida

- Texas

 NISA's Pastime, Paradise, Pack Walks  

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NISA's Online Media Site Manager:





Media sites include: NISA Face Book pages, NISA's  Instagram.

Required skills:

Must have experience with running/managing online sites & pages.

Must be proficient & comfortable navigating online media sites such as facebook, Instagram with managing a potentially busy site experience of managing online media.  

Must already be a NISA member with or without a NISA registered Northern Inuit Dog.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity please contact us through email at:

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